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Found F*** Your Face from 1987-04-29

2016.04.25 21:34 seethezoo Found F*** Your Face from 1987-04-29

Phish 1987-04-29 Nectar's Burlington, VT
Source: SBD Transfer: DAT(c) 48kHz > Tascam DA-20MKII > Canare Coax > Korg MR-2000S > Kimber USB 2.0 > Samplitude Pro X Suite v12.5.2.284 > TLH v2.7.0 (flac 8, ffp) > Foobar2000 v1.2.9 Live Show Tagger
Transfer & edits by Jeff Mitchell ([email protected]) Seeded to etree
Set 1: s1t01 - She Caught The Katy & Left Me A Mule To Ride s1t02 - Alumni Blues s1t03 - Golgi Apparatus s1t04 - Swing Low Sweet Chariot s1t05 - Fire s1t06 - Skin It Back > s1t07 - Cities s1t08 - Lushington
Set 2: s2t01 - Dog Log s2t02 - Melt The Guns > s2t03 - Dave's Energy Guide s2t04 - Take The 'A' Train s2t05 - Halley's Comet > s2t06 - Quinn The Eskimo s2t07 - AC//DC Bag
Set 3: s3t01 - Peaches en Regalia > s3t02 - Fluffhead s3t03 - Good Times Bad Times s3t04 - Anarchy s3t05 - Makisupa Policeman > s3t06 - Run Like An Antelope s3t07 - Boogie On Reggae Woman s3t08 - Timber (Jerry) s3t09 - Slave To The Traffic Light > s3t10 - Sparks > s3t11 - McGrupp & The Watchful Horsemasters > s3t12 - The Ballad Of Curtis Loew s3t13 - Come On (Part One) s3t14 - I Am Hydrogen > s3t15 - Who Do? We Do!
Encore: s3t16 - Fuck Your Face
The DAT lists Quinn The Eskimo as being cut and that AC/DC Bag is filler, but I don't believe that this is the case. At the end of Quinn there is a very clear transition into AC/DC Bag. AC/DC Bag is the song that is cut. AC/DC Bag fades in on the DAT, so I was unable to match them and create a smooth transition. There is not much of AC/DC Bag missing. The DAT also lists Fuck Your Face after Hydrogen, but there is a comment that it is possibly from Set 1. Both and list Fuck Your Face as an encore, so that is where it was placed. This is the only known performance from 1.0, and is obviously not from any of the 3.0 shows where it has been played.
This was the second show of a 2-night stand at Nectar’s. This show featured the 1st known performances of Take The ‘A’ Train (Billy Strayhorn/Duke Ellington cover), Timber (Jerry) (Josh White cover), The Ballad Of Curtis Loew (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover), Come On Part 1 (Jimi Hendrix cover) and Fuck Your Face. Some tapes have Fuck Your Face between Cities and Lushington at the end of set I. Take The ‘A’ Train featured special guest Jeff Friedberg on saxophone. Del Martin recorded this show as part of his work for the band.
Show Notes taken from
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2015.12.31 10:12 ohwhatawittymoniker 2015 - a year in eliquids

Looking for something a little different, have a quick look at some of the great European juices I enjoyed over 2015. This list is by no means definitive and I apologise in advance for any unintended omissions : )
Vaponaute – Cherry Blossom
They say: Pistachio biscotti, morello cherries in kirsch, raspberry, almond cream, banana and violets.
I say: The cherry is realistic with just enough sourness and no cough medicine aftershock, the biscuit and the almonds come close behind the initial fruit barrage. Then as the liquid warmed up I began to taste more pistachio, it’s almost chewy in the middle. I get hints of raspberry and violet but only hints until you apply more power and I simply cannot taste the banana, although I suspect they may be using it to smooth out the exhale?
Green Vapes – Ispahan
Although their tobaccos – Black Pearl and 555 also get an honourable mention, I expect even greater things from this company in 2016.
Lychees, roses raspberries and custard combine to make something similar to Vaponaute’s Perfect Day. I also note pistachios and biscuits combining to produce an almost chewy cookie on the palate, an unusual tasty treat from time to time. It is like a good shisha.
FUU – Low rider
Specially formulated for drippers this juice is a most unusual vape. A mix of Lime and Blackcurrant with a hint of koolada and I suspect some hidden terpenes (Mango) and Pineapple? It also contains ginger. I really enjoyed this juice.
Trinitario (arcane line)
Great dark chocolate with a milk chocolate swirl followed by hints of Turkish delight and Strawberry (not unlike the strawberry yoghurt filled Milka chocolate bars). This juice is a grower not a shower, it took 3 drippers before I really took to this juice and I then proceeded to demolish it within 48 hours. A great chocolate vape.
Le French liquid – Loony Pixie (Pixie line)
They say: a subtly sparkling e liquid with Argentinean lime, absinthe and rum.
I say: Superb, lime and rum tango while haunted by a ghostly green fairy.
Venin divin (Secrets du Apothicaire line).
They say: a delicate green and floral composition with hibiscus & green tea top notes with Guadaloupe pineapples at the centre and coupled with an absinthe and menthol/ koolada finish.
I say: Superb.
Halcyon haze – Sergeant Vapour
They say: Vanilla cream on shortbread with a rhubarb and raspberry compote.
I say: More rhubarb and shortbread than anything else the vanilla and raspberry merely serve to smooth the way of the effervescent rhubarb (hints of elderflower or berry?) not for everyone but I really enjoyed this.
13 sins – Susy6
They say: A fruity burst of sweet candy zests, which will excite your taste buds. There are overtones of strawberry, watermelon, and raspberries, followed by a smooth, cream soda exhale with just a hint of freshness. Suzy is a silently seductive all day vape.
I say: They ain’t lying, however this gourmand tastes more of a fizzy melon, a hint of mint and something between candy floss and meringue on the exhale, nevertheless it’s another stonker… comparable to Over the Rainbow by Vaponaute.
A must for all discerning fruitarian vapers!
They say: A powerfully moreish toffee popcorn punch, for lovers of all things dessert. The flavour combination is made up of a ripe and bruised banana undertone, and notes of coconut, caramel, raspberries and clotted cream. Jack will keep you coming back for more.
I say: You can barely separate out the flavours here as the ripe banana and slightly salty caramel bombard your palate, the raspberries hiding in the background serving only to add a delightful sour twist like a good coulis dribbled on ice cream. A mouthwatering dessert liquid here, good for evening vaping or even occasional daytime decadence. Huge umami undertones here : ) My S.O. (not a vaper) declared that it was an intergalactic mega dessert… not to be confused with a pan galactic gargle blaster:
Nova vapes – Ecr_eu
They say: Designed by maniacpsycho of the /ecr_eu community, the competition win for Reddit’s birthday! A candy like raspberry with a pomegranate and passion fruit undertone.
I say: Ranging from sweet to a lip puckering sour, this juice may or may not contain reconstituted Smurfs? At times sherberty and other times dry this is a versatile liquid that never gets old. A contender for best new European eliquid of 2015.
Strawberry milk
They say: A smooth and creamy milkshake blend with a strawberry body. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth!
I say: To me it tastes like a mix between some unidentifiable American breakfast cereal and strawberry milk / ice cream. A sweet full bodied faux strawberry that is all too moreish…it feels thick in your mouth and leaves a lovely room note. My favourite strawberry vape… to date.
Thenancara – Selene
Cherries with a vibrant violet floating over the top. At times mouthwateringly sour (Acerola?) at times sweet, it went from floral to sherberty… lost between Dubonnet, Chambord liqueur and Kirsch this is a really unusual vape. Not an ADV but rather something for a special occasion, it will keep you guessing.
Liquideo – Think
Churchill: A fabulous melange of Champagne, nettle, vanilla, almonds and green lemon, sounds crazier than attempting to capture the Dardanelles by sea, yet it works, this bottle lasted one hour. Delicious in a decadent yet delicate way, the almond, vanilla and lemon notes are to the fore while the champagne and nettle add a layer of complexity and subtlety to aid the unleashing of your inner gourmand.
Einstein: Mint + cucumber + lemon + nettle (fresh herbs) = a refreshing vape. Sweet mint followed by cucumber with a lovely light lemon background and a just a hint of herbs at the end, almost but not quite medicinal. Similar to under the sea by Vaponaute, only more ephemeral with a herbaceous border.
Gandhi: Mildly tangy lemon, mandarin and orange combined with some smooth and creamy Madagascan vanilla make this everything that queenside from 5 Pawns could have been. Think creamsicle/ orange split with a hint of good quality marmalade (a la Mrs Lords).
Marx: Rum (clear not dark) with almonds, white peaches and nectarine, it’s almost like a pastis only more tropical. A perfect summer cocktail hiding what seem to be hints of anise, not quite an opiate for the masses but a most intriguing vape.
Voltaire: Cinnamon, lemon, fig and orgeat (almond, sugar and orange flower water, found in abundance in Italian biscotti) combine in this fresh tasting spring/ summer sensation that again disappeared in an hour. Very, very moreish. All the ingredients combine gently until you are unsure as to what exactly is happening with no one note standing proud, a vape that feels wet on the palate… in a good way.
MrsLords – Ginger Nut Exactly as it claims to be and my favourite of this wonderfully old fashioned line although rumour has it that their new hot toddy is terribly popular. N.B – fudge is delicious too…
Tigre de Bois – La voie du Samovar Tea, maple, orange, bourbon, cinnamon, cloves and tobacco all combine for an unforgettable vape.
Liquid Voyage – Oh my Lemon Pie Like some borking madman crammed a tonne of lemon pies into your dripper. Sublime!
I would also like to mention some of our American friends such as:
DBliquids – Sapphire; blueberry, muffiny custard stuff.
Stash’s – Lushington; great peaches and cream.
Velvet Cloud’s – Mewlews Magic; a great chocolate fudge dessert.
Finally I would love to hear some of your suggestions for European juices that I should sample and review in 2016.
Have a happy and prosperous 2016!
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Josh's Dating App for Seniors: Wrinkle - Duration: 0:46 ... Chronicle Living Recommended for you. 8:52. Josh Harris - Sensitive Thug Featuring Alexandrea Lushington - Duration: 3:40. Josh Harris ... That awkward moment when your online date looks nothing like their profile picture. More Funny at Learn to write great jokes, be an amazing public speaker, and craft a ... The Carbis Bay Crew visit an old favourite to test some of the abseil anchor points to 6 kilo newtons for 15 seconds, 1 kn is equal to about 17 stone or 108 kilos, this equates to 6 of me hanging ... Lushington Entertainments 104,211 views. 0:14. ... One Direction on Dating Rumors, Midnight Memories and Their Favorite Late-Night Foods - Duration: 3:10. extratv 513,479 views. Love Island's evictees Kendall, Hayley, and Charlie join the studio to talk about their time in the villa. As a Love Island hater, Piers tries to test Hayley... Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Sign in. Watch Queue Queue Josh Harris - Sensitive Thug Featuring Alexandrea Lushington - Duration: 3:40. Josh Harris 187 views. ... Josh's Dating App for Seniors: Wrinkle - Duration: 0:46. Josh Harris 168 views.