Dating servive

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Fedex local fedex tallahasse

2020.08.21 19:01 fuknemup Fedex local fedex tallahasse

I ordered a package from china over a month ago when it arrived at local fedex 2 weeks ago it went out for delivery on fedex truck just to be returned with barcode issue but says it was replaced since then it updates every 2 days at local facilty and estimated shipping date constantly changes every few days it safe to say its lost customer servive says they can't help?
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2020.05.16 21:06 Jergerlergder UPS delayed deliveries Customer Seeking Help

I recently ordered a package and it has been delayed by ups for a week now past their written delivery date. This date has been twice updated the day after it says it will be delivered. I understand that this is related to the covid situation, but I have also ordered items similar in price and origin and they have had 0 delays using other delivery services. I even tried going to a customer center where they sort packages and was told they won't give me a package unless it was previously marked for pickup instead of delivery. I said "ok, thank you". I then went online when I got home to change it so I could just head there and grab it, but turns out in my area I need an infonotice number which only comes after an attempted delivery.
I understand that there are supposedly more deliveries right now, but when I take into account the lack of delays from other companies, as well as the fact that this means that UPS just didn't prepare for an uptick of deliveries, this just seems unnacceptable. The only conclusions I can come to are either that UPS management has failed organisationally and has failed to provide the proper service to their customers. I myself worked in customer servive for months prior and during quarantine, and I understand how hard it is as a minimum wage employee for these companies.
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2020.04.25 04:17 SleepySEAL Low End Surfing/Movie machine

  1. >**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
  2. * .I want to be able to watch youtube and my subscription servives aswell as general web surfing and if possible, oldschool video game emulation ~snes and earlier gens..
  3. >**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
  4. *$150.
  5. >**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
  6. *1.
  7. >**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
  8. *No peripherals/Os/Monito or case needed..
  9. >**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
  10. * Florida.
  11. >**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
  12. *N/A
  13. >**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
  14. * No.
  15. >**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
  16. * Nope.
  17. >**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
  18. *Itx or anything that can get it as small as possible.
  19. >**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
  20. *no.
  21. >**Extra info or particulars:** I am trying to build the smallest PC possible that can fit basic websurfing and video streaming needs, the plan is to mount it on a shelf under my tv.
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2020.02.20 09:06 androidy77 PC/23/m GMT+4 i need someone to play Terraria with.

Hey everyone Im from Oman. (+4 GMT). I'm looking for someone to play servival games with but mainly Terraria. And other games like 7 days to die, ark and forest im open for other games with same play style. English is my second language but i think my English is okay i guess lol.
Ik reddit and how since im male I'm getting any replys but ita what it is and it doesnt matter if u r a male or female im not interested to date someone online lol just PM me if u interested :)
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2019.09.09 00:34 Ddea_einsid My DB story (long post)

I apologize about the length of this post but just needed to tell someone. Other than my wife, I have not talked to anyone about this. I put alot of details because I believe its all these little things that caused me to end up into my current situation and that I wish I had changed looking back.
I (36m) am the HL in the relationship and very much an introvert. My wife (37) is the LL (realistically NL) extrovert. We have been married for 10 years and dated for 5 years. The opposite personalities helped our relationship alot I think. We get along great and have had an arguement only a handfull of time since being together.
My background: I was raised by my grandma and uncle since about 4 years old. My dad left when I was baby and never seen him since. My mom was killed by her boyfriend, after having my two sibblings, in front of us. Although i was young, I can remeber everything about the day. So grew up without really seeing a healthy relationship. I was sexually abused as a toddler by one of my step sisters a few times when i was a toddler before my moms death. I remember glimpses of it. My grandma was an alcoholic who worked at a bar and my uncle worked graveyards and would party on the weekends. I did not really date in school and had one serious relationship before her. The ex ended up leaving me while I was in boot camp for her girlfriend. I found out when I proposed to her after bootcamp she had seeing her gor awhile. I met my wife while still in the military and we dated long distance for about 4 years, dated for 1 more year when i was out then got married.
Her background: Her parents are still together but in a platonic relationship and have been most her life. When she was extemely young, before she can remeber, she and her older sister were sexually abused by a relative. Her sister went through couseling for it, she did not since she couldnt remember any of it She has been in a few serious relationships. One was with a married guy who ended up going back to his wife so she left. One was with a chronic liar. And one was an abusive relationship which was her longest relationship before ours. The abusive relationship is the reason for her LL. She was mentally, physically, and sexually abused by her boyfriend until he left her out of no where and moved away which was a saving grace for her. She was heart broken over it but after counseling realized how lucky she was he left.
How we got to wher we are: Our relationship started off great, like most others here. We had sex often when i was home on leave, not everyday but i was happy. At the beginning of our dating I was stationed in Japan. This was my first duty station and we had been dating for a week. We talked everyday on instant messenger. One day a girl had taken notice of me and we ended up kissing. I had debated in my head which girl i should break up with and ended up telling my girlfriend back home what happened and broke it off with the other girl. She ended up forgiving me but i knew I had hurt her. Towards the end of my 5 year service I was deployed to Iraq for a 10 months. In that time frame I had noticed anoher girl who was being left out of amd made fun of by the others and decided to talk to her and make try to make friends. I thought it was rough being deployed but to be singled out also had to be more rough. I helped her through our deployment and nothing came of it. Nothing was even attempted, but i was accused by my girlfriend at the time of cheating on her until she saw what she looked like then quickly dropped it. The girl was not the prettiest looking.
When i finished my servive I moved back to my home state. Our sex life quickly dimished to once a month to every couple months. My mood had started to change due to the sex dropping and she had asked what was wrong I told her how I felt and she explained that it was normal and just how life goes. I accepted the answer and we moved on. We ended up getting married and buying our first house together. Our wedding night we did not have sex, she was too tired from the activities which i understood. Later, the excitement of everthing caused our sex life to pick back up but as fast as it picked up it again quickly died out. After about a year or so being married she ended up being laid off from her job and never really made another attempt at another job other that side jobs or not working at all.
She pushed me to go to college, which i would have never done but did anyways and finished my two year in electrical engineering. Due to my military experience I was able to skip a few classes. At the end the people I was in class with graduated a quarter before, I was one class short. After their final project we went out to celebrate. I had invited my wife along as did the others invited thier SO. My wife declined. We went out and they got drunk, i do not drink. We clsed the place down then continued to talk outside. One of the girls was way too drunk and didnt have a ride home. I offered to take her home since she lived maybe two minutes away from where i lived. I got her to her appartment and put her on the couch. She was extremely wasted and tried to come on to me. I didnt let her and ended up getting home about 2am. I explained to my wife my nite and we went to bed. Since then she would start accusing me of cheating with that girl which i denied, nothing had happened. She would drop it eventually until she was upset about something and bring up again. Still to this day she accuses me of cheating, which i keep denying and retelling the same story.
After I graduated (4 years being married) I got a really good job out of state and we moved. It was only 4 hours away from where we were but it was away from the friends and family we had. Our sex life probably hit its peak at this point. We had more passinate sex at this point than any other. Again it quickly died out. We bought a house here when after 9 months in to this job. It was a new build and she picked everything out. From here our sex life has been at an all time low, once every few months up to six months. I keep thinking that its normal like she told me.
She expressed wanting kids. We both wanted kids. I was excited thinking things would pick up again. They didnt. We would have sex maybe twice in a week back to back days then nothing for a month. She would check a pregnancy stick and nothing. This went for a couple years as our sex life dwindled back to 6 months or more inbetween. She would tell her friends we are trying for kids and i would think no we arent. We have to have sex to be trying. We ended up going to a fertility docter and ended up doing IVF. We found out she didnt have very good egg quality. After a few years she is now 6 weeks pregnant this week. She had been pregnant several time in our relationship but they were lost very early. This is the longest that one has stuck. She is very excited for it. We had our first ultrasound and saw the heart beat. She hugged the doctor and the assisyant in the room. We left the room and she hugged her scheduler and the nurse that takes her vitals. We checked out and sge hugged the receptionist. We get outside and i tell her have to go to work. She says ok then gives me a hug and we part ways. This is when i realize i am more hurt than anything. At the point of writing this i am still trying to hold back the tears. She was excited with everyone else but not me.
Looking back how i feel hurt physically: Looking back into our relationship I see all the times where i have been begging for her attention. In our first house i would ask her to sit with me on the couch and she would say she is comfy where she is. I have stopped asking since due to how many times i would ask before she would give in. We go to bed together, still to this day, and i try to cuddle her and she says i make her too hot and that i smother her when she tries to move, i no longer try. In the mornings i wake up first so i try to put my arm around her and she says im disrupting her sleep, I now get up and go down stairs. At one point if had kissed her and tried to do more than a peck and she stopped kissing and just stared at me until i noticed. I felt so rejected and hurt. I eventually metioned it to her and she apologized. Now she turns away after a peck, i have stopped trying to kiss her when I think about it. When i do kiss her i feel remorse afterwards knowing that was not what she wanted. When we are out, i try to hold her hand. She accepts but after a few steps she turns her hand in a way so that i have a grip of her fingers which is weird to me so i let go, i learned not try anymore. I relaized i was the one intiating every physical contact between us. When she gets up in the morning i go to her to give her a hug. If i dont give her the hug she does not try to get one from me. I used to intiate sex but have been turned down so many times over the years that quit along time ago, like most. I realized if i dont initiate any physical contact, sexual or not, it wont happen. For years, i used to hold her hand when we went to sleep. I had stopped a couple weeks ago and havent felt her reach for my hand once.
How I have been hurt emotionally: Other than the physical detachment causing emotional issues, there have been several things that have been said. She had told me how much more experienced she is with sex than I am and some of the things she has done with her exes. But everytime we have sex, since the beginning, it is stictly no foreplay, i am not allowed to touch her. Only PIV. She tells me how active of a sex life her friends have and i feel like she is rubbing it in. One of her friends is over and is talking about how her sex life and my wife says to me "see i am not the only one who doesnt like sex all the time" as friend then goes on to talk about some of the experimenting they have done.
The talk: We ended up talking about this a few times which seems to turn into it being my fault. She says its my fault since i am not there emotionally enough for her. I do not thank her enough and surprise her enough. Which i probably dont and have tried to work on. In my defense, I have told her that I dont care that she doesnt work as long as she is happy. I have been working on thanking her when i come home and i see shes been working on the house. I do all the cooking and she does most the house work and bills. I arranged for a surprise birthday party, which i felt depressed afterwards. She had a blast and was amazed. Some of the guest made whispers about how lucky i was going to be that night, which got my hopes up as i wasnt thinking about that anymore and nothing ended up happening. The last talk we had was when she was accusing me of talking to someone on the computer or looking at porn. I told her i was looking into sexless marriage forums. This started the talk and it ended with her saying we dont have a sexless marriage since we still have sex. I had told her how i felt about our status and again it turned into my fault.
My thoughts on why we are where we are: There have been multiple things that lead us to where we are. My inexperience of a healthy relationship. My lack of being more forward of my feelings and what I want in a relationship. Her history with her ex that sexually abused her is whay lead her to not wanting any intamcy at all.
So hear I am, writing out my life story. I want to bring this up to her but i dont want to stess her out being pregnant. I still love her but I am done being the one begging for any type of physical contact. I believe she still loves me and still says she does, but i believe that is good enough for her and her needs.
Thank you for those that read this and any comments that are maid.
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2017.11.09 20:04 Dr10tv Log of AMA with - @monsieur_antoine (Tony Tran) and @Jon C (Jonathan Chou)

Disclaimer: ARK is regularly hosting Ask-me-Anything's of upcoming and promising cryptocurrency projects. Other than being the host, there is no relation between ARK and the featured cryptocurrency in this AMA. Keep in mind that ARK has no competitors - only future partners.
dr10 Let us all welcome the team from TheBeeToken @monsieur_antoine (Tony Tran) and @Jon C (Jonathan Chou). You can all start asking them questions. I'd ask team from TheBeeToken to use @ username to the one they are responding to and I'd like to ask all the community to give them some time to catch up if too many questions in backlog, before asking more so questions don't get lost. Thank you!
monsieur_antoine Hi folks, thanks for having us here
dr10 welcome!
dr10 Maybe you can start off my summing up what your project is about and what you try to solve?
monsieur_antoine :wave:
Jon C Hey everyone, thanks for having us!
hs91 Hello
cam :clapping:
Jon C Absolutely - The Bee Token is decentralized Airbnb. We are also building a complex set of protocols in order to support the proper infrastructure for building real world applications on blockchain.
Blazeron what gives the token value?
dr10 AMA-time guys :wink:
cam :joy:
hs91 How far along are you? @Jon C
Jon C @Blazeron The reason the token has value is because it will be the access layer to our protocols that I mentioned earlier. The three main protocols we provide are an arbitration layer (for conflict resolutions), a payment layer (for escrows / handling money while guest and hosts use the platform), and reputation layer (for identity management, reviews, kyc, etc)
Blazeron so everyone must buy the token before they can use the service and hosts only accept it?
Jon C So to further elaborate - our Decentralized Airbnb is built on top of these protocols we've created and thus gives a direct example of how the Bee token can be used.
Blazeron So i assume this will not have its own block chain?
Jon C @hs91 we've been coding in a basement (almost literally) for the last 3 months after leaving our jobs at Google, Facebook, and Uber to work fulltime on this. We'll have a prototype ready by next monday - right now we are just testing out final bugs.
Jon C the private alpha will be shown to all investors and presale starts next month after our legal forms have been cleared
tranzer How much you aim to raise (soft/hard cap)
mward So how much money do you plan to raise? I think it will be a ERC20 token, right?
Jon C @Blazeron you'll be able to use any token in the next 3-6 months, even fiat. we will convert it to bee token for you on the backend to power the systems. but if you want to use any of our protocols, they will need to be bee token. you can imagine this is like saying can i use anything other than eth on the eth network.
Jon C since we are a second layer protocol on top of ethereum - and then the decentralized airbnb is a further dapp that lives on that protocol. so in the future, if someone wants to build a decentralized ebay or craigslist using our protocol. they will also require the use of bee tokens.
Jon C @Blazeron @mward absolutely, we are very tied to helping solve the scalability issues of ethereum and happy to be an erc-20 token. our smart contract engineers contribute to plasma in their free time.
hs91 ICO targets?
hs91 Caps?
mward Why don't you chose other alternatives? like to fork ARK?
mward making it dPoS?
Blazeron what % tokens do you plan on keeping?
Jon C @mward our original hard cap when we started the project was 40m since we saw similar projects like enigma and request raise that ballpark. however - with market softening we will need to re-evaluate our hard cap. so <=40m. our ICO is at the end of February so we will announce a final hard cap early Jan. We don't want to adjust the hard cap and the market changes again in between and we need to re-adjust again.
Jon C the ICO itself will be about 10-15m, rest will be raised in private presale.
mward lol, are you joking? for this project you need 40m?
mward for what?
mward better projects raised much lower than you and they have a solid plan
Jon C @Blazeron 50% sold through presale and ico
mward and another one... How will you beat AirBNB? Non-tech people don't know how to use "bee tokens" and it's far more easy for them to use that platform with credit card.
hs91 Have you raised money before for this project? How have you funded yourself so far?
Jon C @mward absolutely. our team only needs about 10-15m for a 4-5 year runway. but user acquisition costs are crazy for any decentralized application. we'll price it at market when we get closer to ICO. also, we view the ICO as a distribution mechanism - so for us, ethereum is the obvious choice to reach the largest amount of audience.
Jon C @mward absolutely - we will allow credit card payments as well, we are working with a cool upcoming project called connext that allows credit card -> altcoin conversion. this is in our roadmap within 6 months
monsieur_antoine @mward -- great question regarding credit card. I just want to add that making the service as easy and intuitive to use as possible for the user is also our goal.
Jon C @hs91 yep, we have miko from pantera and ari from blocktower as our advisors. we've raised from quite a few crypto and traditional firms at this point: blocktower, virgil capital, alphablock, pillar vc, etc etc.
elrohir why should i buy a coin with my credit card and than use it for your servive instead of using your service with credit card?
mward 15 mil for 5 years let's say in a team with 3 persons is like 1 milion for each in 1 year. come one man :trollbounce: (edited)
hs91 @Jon C total raise till date?
Jon C @mward - our team is 10 full time, and 20 total.
vmunich has the pre-sale already happened?
Jon C please check out for a full roster or i'd be happy to give a quick intro of our team here
Jon C @mward Quick Team Intros (Full team @ Jon Chou - Co-Founder & CEO - Former lead on Security & Fraud @ Uber Tony Tran - Co-Founder & CTO - Former AI/ML engineer @ Uber, early Engineer @ Bizo (acquired by LinkedIn), FoundeOrganizer of SF Machine Learning meetup Jordan Ong - Head of Product - Former Facebook OG, Leading Enterprise Product @ FB for the past 7+ years before Ali Ayyash - Lead Engineer - Former Lead Engineer @ Google Cloud, former lead @ AWS for 3-4 years before that. Well versed in Solidity for the past year. Coco Liu - Designer - Lead Designer @ Google, Leftfield Labs + many more from Google + Uber.
monsieur_antoine @elrohir -- you can chose either option. But at the end of the day, our goal is to make it as seamless as possible. You'll be able to use credit cards on our platform if you wish.
Jon C @elrohir we are in the business of removing the middleman. for us, we charge no fees to the guest or host except for a minor usage of the protocol fees (think gas for ethereum). we want to give back all the value to the guests and hosts of a two sided marketplace.
hs91 If I understand correctly, you plan the deAirBnB thing as the first of several dapps on your protocol? All accessed through the bee token? (edited)
tranzer How are you going to make money if fees are so low?
Jon C oh @elrohir sorry misunderstood your question - you can use our platform with your credit card - we will convert it to bee tokens on the background.
monsieur_antoine yup^
Jon C it essentially triggers a market buy order
Jon C @vmunich presale starts next month, we aren't allowed to publicly solicit or take money unless it's a private conversation until we clear our 506c forms which we are in the middle of doing. should be ready by next monthl.
tranzer Are you going to roll-out this worldwide or start at biggest cities, ... ?
Jon C @tranzer great question. when you look at bitcoin or ethereum - there is no profit from each transaction. we are just providing a decentralized approach and a usable platform for anyone who wishes to partake in short term housing rentals. but without a middleman. our focus is on bettering the ecosystem and allowing for usage of cryptocurrency and not making money. revenue and profitability inherently hints at there being a middleman in the equation. which we do not support.
Jon C @tranzer follow up answer: we are rolling this out in the largest cities in america first and gradually rolling out to other regions in a very targeted and precise way. we want to keep the quality high before allowing all regions to partake. think of this as a beta test for the next 6 months. we will roll out to san francisco, los angeles, and new york first.
hs91 If I understand correctly, you plan the deAirBnB thing as the first of several dapps on your protocol? All accessed through the bee token?
vmunich How will you handle disputes? Is there an escrow system?
Jon C @hs91 you are absolutely correct. we will only be supporting our own development of decentralized airbnb (i like the deairbnb) - but other developers are free to build what they wish like decentralized ebay or craigslist. we'll be exposing proper documentation and apis for them to use and assist them with any integration help. in fact, we are in the process of integrating with projects like Kyber and learning a lot from the process.
Jon C @vmunich absolutely. the dispute system is based off a system similar to Aragon and Kleros. essentially the payment protocol holds the funds in an escrow while the transaction is occuring (lets say a guest is staying at a host's place on de-airbnb). after the transaction is complete, there will be a 48 hour lock up on the funds. during this time, if the guest or host has a conflict they can bubble up a claim to the arbitration network.
elrohir so there will be an application or web-site of short time house rentals? have i understood correctly? have u worked on it yet?
Jon C the arbitration network then consists of a panel of random judges on our platform to make a decision. these judges will be rewarded with bee token as the protocol dictates and the funds will either be refunded if the claim is proper or continued through the process if there is deemed no issue. partial appeasement is being worked on now.
Jon C @elrohir i'll let @monsieur_antoine take that :wink: - but we have the whole system done already after 3 months of production.
hs91 @Jon C how are you different then from district0x? Why might people (or you yourself) build on your protocol when a similar platform with existing dapps is already available?
monsieur_antoine @elrohir -- yup there will be a website
monsieur_antoine and there will also be a mobile version as well
Jon C @hs91 absolutely district0x is a good dynamic for marketplaces. but what we focus on is a specific portion for sharing economies. the payment protocol of ours actually includes a marketplace portion which we are inspired by them in certain areas to implement and borrow.
monsieur_antoine @elrohir -- also, we are working on both the website + mobile at the moment :slightly_smiling_face:
elrohir for further expends of cities and countries how many personel do you need to recruit?
elrohir i don't mean just dev.'s...
Blazeron is your only means of profit the money you get during the ICO?
Jon C @elrohir this depends on how much we raise in ICO. Airbnb is a 30 billion dollar company, the more we can raise - the more money we can spend on employees and bettering the ecosystem. For now, our fulltime team can execute the entire roadmap detailed on our website. But we can expedite and have fine grain to detail if we can bring on additional hires.
elrohir for example if 20 for 3 cities in Usa. you're goal is almost conquering the world? so are we talking about 100's of workers?
Jon C @Blazeron the money we get from ICO will be purely spent on user acquisition (marketing, referral bonuses, sign up bonuses) and employee salaries. our profit comes from the growth of our own tokens that we hold as a team. there is no profit from the ICO proceeds.
Jon C @aehrlich i'm not quite sure what you mean @monsieur_antoine - any thughts on this?
Blazeron I'm talking ICO money instant + ICO tokens kept which seems like a yes
tranzer Are there also any partnerships in the making with thebeetoken like onboarding some rentals agencies etc... ?
Jon C @Blazeron our tokens as a team are locked up and vested slowly over 4 years. we wont see a single bee token until 1 year down the line.
monsieur_antoine @elrohir -- that's a great question. We'll know more concrete numbers about employees needed to expand to each city/country as we start rolling out.
Blazeron ok that makes me feel a little better @Jon C
hs91 What's the total supply of your tokens?
Jon C @tranzer we are already in the talks with quite a few. our supply side has thousands of listings from our partnerships. i'm not sure if I can publicly disclose our partnerships just yet. but we are approaching the common ones like Pillow, Rentivo, etc.
cam Trying to beat airbnb ? Get bought out by them? Integrate? Sorry if this was answered, I'm confused
Jon C @hs91 We have a total supply of 500M tokens, 250M will be distributed through presale and ICO. and if we decide to lower the hard cap - we will just burn a certain amount of the tokens.
monsieur_antoine :fire:
Jon C @cam airbnb is free to use our protocols as they wish to integrate in with a decentralized approach. in fact airbnb has acquired previous cryptocurrency companies before so they are definitely interested in the space. however, airbnb at the end of the day is a middleman that extracts 15-20% of the transaction in the form of fees. it is unlikely they will ever become non-profit like us and give full value of the transaction back to the guest and host.
cam @Jon C okay, cool, thanks
kc joined #trading_altcoins.
elrohir jon says you're able to complete the whole roadmap -which includes making your system operational in top 10 us cities whole UK major and European cities and southeast asia " with your current team" but you think you'll know concrete numbers as you start rolling out? Tony @elrohir -- that's a great question. We'll know more concrete numbers about employees needed to expand to each city/country as we start rolling out.
hs91 So for 40m raise token would have a price of 16 cents
kc how did you get so many engineers from top tech companies?
hs91 Assuming the value holds, you're raising 40m now with another 40m over 4 year vesting period
Jon C @elrohir at least 1-2 representatives in each region would be extremely helpful. we can make it happen with just our current team technology and rollout wise, but as much as we can raise we will spend on increasing the team and having more fine grain detail to each region with more resources.
elrohir got it. cool.
hs91 What price will fiat get converted to beetoken if I use my credit card on the platform?
Jon C @hs91 yes, we will assess the market cap closer to our ICO date which is in February. If we are in a bull market, we wont increase the cap past 40m. If we are in a bear market, we will lower the cap to be whatever is deemed as "good value" then. Since we have sold to many vc funds @ the 16 cent price and 40m valuation. we will have to burn tokens if we decide to lower our cap.
elrohir it's good to see you know the diffrence between making -a system which can work- and -a system does work-
hs91 Exchange rate or you have a minimum in mind?
monsieur_antoine @hs91 -- we're still working out those details with our partners
Jon C @kc we are really appreciative to be able to get so much top tier talent and interest in the project from Silicon Valley (where we are based). however, everyone is taking a big paycut to come work on this project instead of at their cushy jobs at Google, etc. So we are trying hard to keep the company motivated and excited about the future because in a startup there is good time and also bad time. hopefully in the bad time, they will stick here and not go back to big corporate companies haha.
Jon C @hs91 the cost is 3%
Jon C if you use a credit card / just gas fees of about 0.1% for bitcoin / ethereum / bee token
Jon C you can think of this very similar to coinbase. which charges 2.75% and seems people do not mind haha.
monsieur_antoine @hs91 ^ -- still trying to get the best deal possible for our customers though
hs91 @Jon C sorry for the confusion, I was asking about conversion rate (edited)
monsieur_antoine that's why I said we're still working it out
kc @Jon C im sure your employees will stay, especially if they left their jobs at top tier companies. looking forward to this project!
Jon C @hs91 do you mean the conversion fee - as in from fiat to cryptocurrency? or as in international / foreign exchange fees? the 3% is to cover fiat to cryptocurrency. I believe BitThumb is the cheapest exchange rate right now.
hs91 No I meant conversion rate as in 1 beetoken = x usd
slackbee How to join preICO which started on 2nd of November?
hs91 I got my answer from your colleague, thanks
Jon C @hs91 oh i see. we will base the price on a weighted average across popular exchanges in realtime. arbitrage and volatility are problems for any decentralized application and we will address them further in our payment protocols going forward.
elrohir what was the initial budget of Airbnb? anyone knows?
Jon C oh got it.
dr10 OK, we are approaching the 60 minutes mark. Any last questions for TheBeeToken team? Anything the team would like to add or tell - feel free to do.
Jon C airbnb: seed series - 600k / series a - 7.2m / series b - 112m
hs91 @elrohir before they got into YC they sold cereal to keep working
monsieur_antoine @hs91 -- want to buy some bee cereal :slightly_smiling_face: ?
hs91 Two years after YC they raised about $7 mil
elrohir cool
Jon C usually ICOs hover around a series B raise to the market they want to challenge.......
Jon C yeah let me grab some info about us for everyone to check out, one second please.
Jon C Pitch: We are decentralized Airbnb by an experienced team from Google, Facebook, and Uber. We will be the first ICO that Blocktower founded by Ari Paul advises and publicly backs. We were recently mentioned in Huffington Post, Business Wire, and Morning Star.
Bee is a set of protocols that includes arbitration, payment, and reputation protocols. The Bee Token will be used to power the crypto-economics behind each protocol and the Beenest (Decentralized Airbnb) is the first example dapp that will be created using this set of protocols.
Website: Whitepaper: Pitch Deck:
Jon C oh and telegram...
slackbee I missed this one I guess and didn't find this info anywhere; They mentioned preICO started on 2nd of November but how to join??
Jon C and please join us on telegram, we are the most active there: Telegram The Bee Token All topics related to the bee token and the cryptocurrency world
elrohir yeap how to join pre-sale?
Jon C @elrohir please join our telegram. you will be the first to know when it happens starting next month.
dr10 Thank you Jonathan and Tony for taking the time to do this AMA! All the best with the project and you are always welcome to hang around our Slack. :slightly_smiling_face:
monsieur_antoine thanks you @dr10 and everyone here for having us
monsieur_antoine it was great chatting with everyone
hs91 All the best :+1:
monsieur_antoine :pray:
elrohir will do. thanks for your answers. Jon C @elrohir please join our telegram. you will be the first to know when it happens starting next month. Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 7:54 PM
vmunich :+1::skin-tone-2:
vmunich cheers
slackbee @Jon C but it's written on BTCtalk 2nd of November, so it's postponed?
Jon C thank you again ark team and @dr10 for hosting us. and thank you @elrohir @hs91 and everyone else for the insightful questions :slightly_smiling_face: see you all around.
Jon C @slackbee please join us in our telegram for further convo :100:. but yes it is delayed until next month for legal reasons.
dr10 no problem, thanks for being here :smile:
For more Ask-me-Anything's please go to:
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2017.08.16 09:06 Goochy4787 Im just a burden.

Just feel like talking to someone outside of my social circle who won't be reminded of my problems every time they see me.
I'm a 21 year old, who by every definition hates himself. I seriously think I'm a failure in almost everyway and that I've got myself into a hole that I can't climb out of.
I haven't gone to do any further education to actually make something of myself. I haven't got anything going for me smarts wise other than 3d printing and computer forensics.
I have some really horrible regrets as far as who I've become, I fucking watch anime porn. I seriously don't know how I've gotten to this point but Everytime I think about it I get so depressed that I think I'm going to just swim out into the middle of the lake and tread water until I get tired.
I'm a hipocrite in so many ways. Look at my post history if you need to know. Essentially I lost the girl I seriously felt that I loved. And I honestly think it's because I'm a complete jackass. I find myself lying to myself to the point where I seriously believe it and then continue to share that lie.
I feel like it's hopeless with regards to finding a girl who doesn't think I'm a racist bastard. Someone who cares about me enough to talk to me before they just break up with me. My dating history is as fallows. I've had 1 girlfriend all my life and I feel like I was tossed away like a ninja moldy sandwich.
I drink occasionally as well just to relax but I find myself hatting every moment of it because I look around and see drunks everywhere who treat the bartender like a piece of meat. (Might be a nice guy) I hate to say that I think I'm better than them but I just don't want to go down a route where I end up like that.
I find myself punching my legs and silent screaming at least 2 times a week. Some days I constantly think of ways to just assuredly kill myself without any possible way of servival, and that whoever will get hurt will just get over it in a short time. No one could miss a pathetic piece of shit like myself for longer than just a few months.
I feel like I'm a burden on everyone I know because I feel like I can't contribute to my society in any meaniful way, I am a burden on my parents (likely getting a devorse within the week ), and because I am horribly inable to be self sufficient.
Tldr: I'm dumb, fucking anime porn, hipocrite, lonely, and I feel like I'm the catalyst for my parents likely devorse.
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2016.07.12 21:05 battledoom360 I need help

I'm new to reddit and English isn't my first language so spare me my mistakes I'm 16 So the problem is that I've been suffering from some serious inferiority complex these days and I'm so anxious, I can't study, can't sleep, lost my self esteem etc. I'm from "Bangladesh" it's one of the so called developing countries, the population is so damn high that the competition of life is way too much, u have to be the fittest to servive and the no of males is 2times more than the no of females so it's hard to get a girlfriend and the saddest part is that going in to any sort of relationship with a girl without getting married to her is a taboo in the country but still the young generation is open minded so wego into relationships but we have to hide it from our parents all the time and most of the people think only the "mentally disordered" or the "mad" people go to the psychiatrist or therapist and Since the competition o is too high u r not allowed to be "depressed" cuzz u'll be left out in the race of life u'll have no future if u make a single wrong decision So basically my parents don't take the "depression" thingie nicely and u can't even talk to them about ur girlfriends cuzz it's taboo they'll probably give u a good beating and send u to a unisexual school for that so I can't take help from my parents or they won't take me to the psychiatrist even if they do I can't trust him Anyways the thing is that I've totally lost myself and I just want to depend on others to say that what I'm doing is right I really wasn't like this! I was mature and confident, funny and even though I wasn't so popular but I had frnds and I was living a happy life before 2 yrs but something happened to me in this period I think It all started 1.5 yrs ago when I started dating someone, at 1st it was fun but gradually I started feeling inferior and started to depend on her it lasted 1 yr...It started getting really unhealthy I became completely dependent on her, I always needed her to certify me, I got really possessive and she got stressed out, I got really close to begging her to give me attention, I got obssessed to her presence but at the same time it was really one sided cuzz she didn't really care as I'd already started to drag her I broke up when she said "I love my frnds more than u and I'd choose them over u anyday" and the breakup was really harsh on me I was desperate to get her back but didn't attempt it, I started doing immature things, I texted her sis (who didn't like me) that I've been high (actually I wasn't ) I don't know what I was thinking or where I was going with that I probably wanted her sister's attention So obviously I turned into a laughing stalk to both of them, I lost the last bit of dignity I had in front of her, she texted my frnd and laughed about it. She easily got over me and now she's really popular and has a lot of frnds. So all of these things are really embarrassing and regretful to me and it's pretty insulting how she chose her frnds over me And it's been 3 months from then but I'm still getting bad feelings, like I can't even go in front of them I changed my school recently, tried to move on from these things and the 1st 3 days were ok, I didn't make alot of frnds but the home teacher liked me, I started studying too everything was good I wasn't anxious I wasn't over thinking everything went pretty well But I've got a very low self esteem, even the littlest things bug me and depress me, like I made this post on Facebook (again I've got no idea where I was going with it cuzz I'm a bit nerdy myself) saying " people of section E are nerds" and when some people commented on it (both positive n negative) I edited to "people of section E are nerdish....." and then too "people of section E r a Lil bit nerdish (no offence)" though no body got offended by my post and finally I got so tensed that I took it off by deleting it. And this Lil thing got me so anxious I started over thinking like damn I just ruined my impression, some people also commented things that indirectly say "u r lame" so I got really tensed and I don't wanna go to school tomorrow I'm always in too deep so I've got problems in communicating with people these days I don't have frnds, I'm desperate to prove something I just need peace I think, mental peace I really don't know what to do I'm desperately seeking for something but I can't find it and I'm fooling myself on the process
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2015.12.23 05:30 Arrowmasta Servive Host: DCOM and Service Host: Local Service High CPU usage

So ever since i upgraded to Windows 10, i've had problems with CPU Usage. I noticed that Servive Host: DCOM and Service Host: Local Service were using sometimes up to 100% of my CPU. Here's a screenshot of what the processes look like at their worst: Imgur I've tried doing a scan of my PC using ESET, but it didn't find anything suspiscious.
From dxdiag, my specs are: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 10586) (10586.th2_release.151121-2308) System Manufacturer: MSI System Model: MS-7850 BIOS: BIOS Date: 04/15/15 09:43:37 Ver: V4.8B0 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.5GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM Available OS Memory: 16336MB RAM Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
If anyone happens to know a fix for this, i would be so glad to know of it.
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2015.12.22 20:57 Arrowmasta Servive Host: DCOM and Service Host: Local Service High CPU usage

So ever since i upgraded to Windows 10, i've had problems with CPU Usage. I noticed that Servive Host: DCOM and Service Host: Local Service were using sometimes up to 100% of my CPU. Here's a screenshot of what the processes look like at their worst: Imgur I've tried doing a scan of my PC using ESET, but it didn't find anything suspiscious.
From dxdiag, my specs are: Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 10586) (10586.th2_release.151121-2308) System Manufacturer: MSI System Model: MS-7850 BIOS: BIOS Date: 04/15/15 09:43:37 Ver: V4.8B0 Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz (4 CPUs), ~3.5GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM Available OS Memory: 16336MB RAM Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
If anyone happens to know a fix for this, i would be so glad to know of it.
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2014.09.03 08:35 kent6755 Kent6755's Reference Page

IGN: Kent
FC: 4167-4758-5285
Trade List: Here
Trade # Type of Trade Given Received Traded with Date Points
1 Giveaway Modern Vivillon Deino HUNbAlint 08-24-14 3pts
2 Giveaway Chatot Slowbro Bow_Down1991 08-24-14 3pts
3 Giveaway Pidgey Feebas freezeflare 08-26-14 3pts
4 Giveaway Pichu Mew isokay 08-30-14 3pts
5 Giveaway Hariyama Vileplume Zayyer 08-30-14 3pts
6 Giveaway Shuppet Magnemite mykdsucks 08-31-14 3pts
7 Giveaway Eevee, Gulpin Whimsicott and Breloom Zayyer 09-01-14 3pts
8 Powersave Services Hawlucha O+3 Shinified Alex7281 09-02-14 6pts
9 Cloning Services Captain Pikachu O+2, Diancie PancakesaurusRex 09-03-14 3pts
10 Giveaway Eevee Mothim mykdsucks 09-03-14 3pts
11 Giveaway Eevee Zangoose DjNubzOrZ 09-03-14 3pts
12 Giveaway Hawlucha Munchlax icedfrappe 09-03-14 3pts
13 Powersave Services Squirtle Squirtle(Shinified) Kamitay 09-04-14 1pt
14 Giveaway Zigzagoon Liepard Titus_Brutus 09-06-14 3pts
15 Giveaway Hawlucha Totodile TurboToasterTF2 09-06-14 3pts
16 Giveaway Venipede Skitty ngrom12 09-06-14 3pts
17 Giveaway Hawlucha Sableye Rhadnar 09-07-14 3pts
18 Giveaway Hawlucha Kingdra hashtagbamba 09-07-14 3pts
19 Giveaway Beldum Manectric beskus 09-08-14 3pts
20 Giveaway Bunnelby Starly snillos 09-08-14 3pts
21 Giveaway Hawlucha Miltank Ninjadued 09-08-14 3pts
22 Direct Trade Goldeen x2 Trapinch + Goldeen Agnescee 09-08-14 6pts
23 Giveaway Hawlucha Bagon Rhadnar 09-09-14 3pts
24 Giveaway Sigilyph Giratina joeystockwell 10-09-14 3pts
25 Giveaway Psyduck Electivire jp205 10-09-14 3pts
26 Direct Trade Squirtle(Charizardite x) Tepig Jilberto 11-09-14 3 pts
27 Giveaway Sandshrew Gothita onmyouza 14-09-14 3pts
28 Direct Trade Helioptile Absol Blassie098 09-14-14 3pts
29 Giveaway Electrode Salamence GreatTornado 09-27-14 3pts
30 Giveaway Archen Salamence KtAj 09-27-14 3pts
31 Giveaway Archen Frolass Yuuei 09-27-14 3pts
32 Giveaway Goomy Hitmonchan Blassie098 09-28-14 3pts
33 Giveaway Archen Skarmory Thomadin 09-28-14 3pts
34 Giveaway Snorlax*2 Joltik/Shinx XxBlackWingsx 10-01-14 3pts
35 Giveaway Azurill Maractus Esurie 10-01-14 3pts
36 Giveaway Archen Escavalier Blassie098 10-01-14 3pts
37 Shinification Croagunk/Drifloon Croagunk/Drifloon zeleth 10-02-14 2pts
38 Custom Breeding Service Drifloon Drilbur kungfugator 10-03-14 10pts
39 Custom Breeding Service Feebas Misdreavus quicklash 10-03-14 10pts
40 Shinification Meditite/Timburr Meditite/Timburr R0xanne24 10-04-14 2pts
41 Giveaway Bunnelby Blissey warmness 10-04-14 3pts
42 Giveaway Foongus Charizard Xadron 10-04-14 3pts
43 Giveaway Slowpoke Mesprit Blassie098 10-05-14 3pts
44 Giveaway Alomomola Azumarill bumblelikeabee 10-06-14 3pts
45 Giveaway Croagunk Weedle Blassie098 10-12-14 3pts
46 Shinification + Powersave Services Litwick(Blastoisinite) Litwick anikalsi 10-13-14 4pts
47 Giveaway Litwick Carbink bumblelikeabee 10-13-14 3pts
48 Giveaway Igglybuff Solrock Blassie098 10-14-14 3pts
49 Giveaway Archen Quagsire Blassie098 10-15-14 3pts
50 Giveaway Zigzagoon Relicanth Meledor 10-15-14 3pts
51 Giveaway Zigzagoon Farfetch'd Yuuei 10-16-14 3pts
52 Giveaway Unfezant Sawk Dreambelieva 10-16-14 3pts
53 Direct Trade Qwilfish Arcanine Dreambelieva 10-18-14 3pts
54 Giveaway Drowzee Mudkip XxBlackWingsx 10-18-14 3pts
55 Giveaway Slowpoke Skitty Celiee 10-18-14 3pts
56 Giveaway Croagunk Doduo Blassie098 10-18-14 3pts
57 Giveaway Corsola Exploud neoh99 10-18-14 3pts
58 Giveaway Sableye Ditto VanityDestroyer 10-18-14 3pts
59 Giveaway Fletchling Kyurem wroldwide 10-18-14 3pts
60 Giveaway Weedle Vivillon HazelthePoketrainer 10-18-14 3pts
61 Shinification + Clone Trade Minccino, Kyurem, Zekrom Minccino, Kyurem, Zekrom shisephiroth 10-19-14 7pts
62 Clone Trade + Direct Trade Giratina, Palkia, Victini, Jirachi, Pikachu and Manaphy Giratina, Palkia, Victini, Jirachi, Pikachu, Manaphy and Shiny Natu, Eevee, Petilil, Pidgeot, Starmie, Alakazam Xenial6 10-19-14 6pts
63 Giveaway Espurr Shiny Steelix Xaniled 10-19-14 3pts
64 Clone Trade + Powersaves Reshiram, Zekrom, Dialga, Giratina, Palkia, Scyther Shiny Scyther, Reshiram, Zekrom, Dialga, Giratina, Palkia COREY-IS-A-BUSTA 10-20-14 7pts
65 Shinify + Powersaves Pinsir Shiny Pinsir XxBlackWingsx 10-21-14 4pts
66 Clone Trade + Direct Trade Raikou, Entei, Celebi and Heatran Raikou, Entei, Celebi, Heatran, Shiny Torchic and Shiny Charmander PoopyMyNigga 10-21-14 6pts
67 Clone Trade + Direct Trade Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Shaymin, Giratina, Heatran Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Shaymin, Giratina, Heatran + Shiny Poliwrath, Vanilluxe, Rattata and Ferroseed shisephiroth 10-21-14 6pts
68 Clone Trade + Powersaves Manaphy, Reshiram, Treecko Manaphy, Reshiram and Shiny Treecko andresy929 10-21-14 7pts
69 Giveaway Bunnelby Qwilfish Blassie098 10-22-14 3pts
70 Giveaway Ralts Pyroar JessiePKMN 10-22-14 3pts
71 Clone Trade Heatran, Celebi Celebi, Aegislash and Genesect QKLyssa 10-22-14 6pts
72 Giveaway Fletchling Zorua joeystockwell 10-22-14 3pts
73 Giveaway Swanna Dratini PoopyMyNigga 10-23-14 3pts
74 Clone Trade + powersaves + Cloning Greninja, Garchomp, Hawlucha, Eevee, Heracross Greninja, Garchomp, Hawlucha(IV Changes), Eevee(O+1), Shiny Heracross PoopyMyNigga 10-23-14 11pts
75 Giveaway Masquerain Darumaka LugiaXerneas 10-24-14 3pts
76 Clone Trade + Power Saves Heatran, Delphox Heatran, Delphox(IV Changed) VanityDestroyer 10-25-14 6pts
77 Giveaway Croagunk Glameow Esurie 10-25-14 3pts
78 Direct Trade Shiny Gengar Code Shiny Swinub and Lotad adamlutz 10-25-14 3pts
79 Giveaway Scatterbug Elgyem Kcismfof 10-25-14 3pts
80 PokeGen Chansey Beedrill Rafat9 10-25-14 3pts
81 Clone Trade + Powersaves + Cloning Ditto, Suicune, Entei, Eevee Ditto, Suicune, Entei, Eevee(O+1) beck7ham 10-25-14 9pts
82 Giveaway Hawlucha Espeon VanityDestroyer 10-25-14 3pts
83 Clone Trade + Direct Trade Jirachi, Deoxys, Regigigas Jirachi, Deoxys, Regigigas + Shiny Virizion, Kecleon + Ash's Pikachu and Arash's Mamoswine QKLyssa 10-26-14 6pts
84 Clone Trade + Direct Trade + Cloning Eevee, Deoxys Eevee O+1, Deoxys, shiny Aerodactyl feliciaff 10-26-14 9pts
85 Clone Trade + Direct Trade Celebi Coro Coro Charizard Yuuei 10-26-14 6pts
86 Clone Trade + Direct Trade Darkrai, Dialga, Rayquaza Darkrai, Dialga, Rayquaza + shiny Groudon, Lugia and Kyogre nightmare973 10-26-14 6pts
87 Clone Trade + Cloning Corocoro Charizard, Eevee Corocoro Charizard + Eevee(O+1) feliciaff 10-26-14 6pts
88 Clone Trade + Direct Trade Heatran, Genesect, Regigigas, Eevee Heatran, Genesect, Regigigas, Eevee(O+1) Xenial6 10-27-14 6pts
89 EV Training EV Trained Tyranitar Tyranitar and Shiny Beldum kungfugator57 10-27-14 6pts
90 Giveaway Inkay Castform bumblelikeabee 10-27-14 3pts
91 Clone Trade + Powersaves Sharpedo + Kabuto Sharpedo + Kabuto(Shinified + IV fixed bumblelikeabee 10-28-14 7pts
92 Giveaway Nidoran Buneary Esurie 10-28-14 3pts
93 PokeGen Reshiram + Kyurem Diancie US Code Byrkmire 10-29-14 4pts
94 Clone Trade + Direct Trade Hydreigon Hydreigon + Shiny Omanyte MarieSin 10-29-14 3pts
95 Giveaway Croagunk Seviper Mendosum 10-29-14 3pts
96 PokeGen Rotom, Conkeldurr, Venusaur, Landorus, Scizor Shiny Fletchling and Bouffalant icedfrappe 10-30-14 10pts
97 Giveaway Golett Luxray Xevolo 10-31-14 3pts
98 Giveaway Furret Trevanant beskus 10-31-14 3pts
99 Direct Trade Timburr, Goldeen, Qwilfish, Kricketot, Zigzagoon, Scraggy, Plusle, Minun, and Houndour Shiny Phantump, Shiny Pancham, Shiny Spritzee, shiny Bergmite, Shiny Mewtwo, Shiny Regi trio + Regigigas Kinnikufan 11-1-14 3pts
100 Giveaway Togepi Spinarak Blassie098 11-1-14 3pts
101 Giveaway Ralts, phantump and Shiny Vanillite, Shiny Pumpkaboo and shiny Swirlix Blassie098 11-1-14 3pts
102 Giveaway Spheal Purrloin bumblelikeabee 11-1-14 3pts
103 PokeGen Politoed, Kabutops, Tornadus Shiny Tornadus and Normal Ferrothorn sebita101 11-2-14 6pts
104 Direct Trade Keldeo Ditto(Mewtwonite X) sebita101 11-2-14 3pts
105 PokeGen 3 Normal Smeargles + 1 Shiny Smeargle Shiny Crygonal, Shiny Larvesta, Shiny Abomasnow swimmerbuyx22 11-2-14 8pts
106 PokeGen + Powersaves Hitmonlee + Bisharp Bisharp(IV fixed + Nature Change) Xenial6 11-2-14 5pts
107 PokeGen Zoroark Shiny Manaphy enderaken5942 11-2-14 2pts
108 Giveaway Bunnelby Bulbasaur PkmnCloner 11-2-14 3pts
109 PokeGen Mamoswine, Eevee, Tyranitar, Kingdra and Lopunny Shiny Sigilyph and Abra Seoulsticee 11-3-14 10pts
110 PokeGen Ninetales, Chansey and Dugtrio Shiny BR Diggersby Ninjadued 11-3-14 6pts
111 PokeGen Shiny Latias, Shiny Skuntank shiny spheal and shiny azurill Xevolo 11-3-14 4pts
112 PokeGen Shiny Ninetales Shiny Ekans Mostafa 11-3-14 2pts
113 PokeGen Shiny Gastrodon, Shiny Sigilyph BR Yveltal lolperseus 11-3-14 4pts
114 PokeGen Shiny Gastrodon and Shiny Hippowdon Shiny Riolu Seoulsticee 11-4-14 4pts
115 PokeGen + Powersaves Typhlosion, Torterra, Absol, Scrafty, Reuniclus Gyrados, Ninetales, Swablu, Dedenne insidetomorrow 11-4-14 13pts
116 Direct Trade Shiny Giratina, Staryu Diancie Code TristenSkee 11-4-14 3pts
117 PokeGen Zigzagoon Shiny Murkrow PoopyMyNigga 11-5-14 2pts
118 PokeGen 2 Cresselias BR Chatot Seoulsticee 11-5-14 4pts
[]() [11--14]() pts

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Dating Service Roleplay (ASMR) - YouTube Dating Service - YouTube ASMR 🤷🏻‍♀️ Worst Reviewed Dating Service  Rude Matchmaker ... Dating Service Commercial (Jon Lajoie) - YouTube Dating Service Commercial - Funny - YouTube Great Expectations Dating Service Welcome Package VHS Tape ... I will make online dating service or dating app promo ... Dating Service Roleplay Part 2 (ASMR) - YouTube Portland Singles Dating Service - YouTube - Online Dating Site for Men & Women Over 50

  1. Dating Service Roleplay (ASMR) - YouTube
  2. Dating Service - YouTube
  3. ASMR 🤷🏻‍♀️ Worst Reviewed Dating Service Rude Matchmaker ...
  4. Dating Service Commercial (Jon Lajoie) - YouTube
  5. Dating Service Commercial - Funny - YouTube
  6. Great Expectations Dating Service Welcome Package VHS Tape ...
  7. I will make online dating service or dating app promo ...
  8. Dating Service Roleplay Part 2 (ASMR) - YouTube
  9. Portland Singles Dating Service - YouTube
  10. Meetic Online Dating Service Meetic Love Your ...

A funny web commercial promoting a dating service. It features a nerd going out with beautiful women and hinting at sex, while a macho man is left speechless. Portland Singles Reviews 1001 SW 5th Ave, St 510, Portland, Oregon 503-954-2030 Yes, I was a Great Expectations Club member. In 1996. And, I did not meet my wife there. Anyways, enjoy the VHS tape that they included in the welcome kit, a... In this video, you come to the wrong place to find a romantic partner. Your unnecessarily rude interviewer asks you questions and judges (most of) your answe... Hey poopsies, here is PART TWO of the dating service roleplay! Finally. It’s been over a year since the last posted one. Season one is now over, and we are a... Meetic is the largest and most popular online dating service in Europe. Meetic is a European online dating community that provides users with web and mobile ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. starring Erin Stack and Jon Lajoie written and directed by Jon Lajoie camera by Brandon Dermer Thanks to this one request, this video happened! I had such a creative burst with this one, and true story, I was supposed to be wearing a halo in this one, ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.